iForway PS500P 500W Portable Power Station

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Bender, Electric Blanket, Mini Fridge, Drone, Camera, Phone, TV, Laptop, CPAP
1. What is the warranty period?
There is a one-year warranty from the time of shipment.
2. What is the life of the product?
Due to the nature of the battery, there is no definite lifespan, but if you follow the correct usage, you can use it with more than 1000 cycle charges.
3. Is pass-through charging possible?
Yes, pass-through charging (power input from AC to the main unit is supplied to each device as it is) is supported.
4. Can I charge directly from another company's solar panel?
The charging is possible if the input voltage range is under the iforway portable power station.
5. What is the operating temperature range?
0-45 ° C is recommended for use. The storage temperature is -20-45 ° C.

For those looking for a portable solar power station, the iForway powerelf 500 is a good contender for its price bracket.It doesn't possess every premium feature, but it does a great job at being user-friendly without being underpowered. If you're looking for a portable solar power generator for camping, its speakers and compact build make it a cozy addition for any trip.


Take your POWERELF 500 completely off grid by pairing with one of our solar panels. There is a lot to consider when choosing a panel, but we’ve made the process simple. Check out the chart below to explore all your solar pairing options.

iForway PS500P 500W Portable Power Station
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