600W Portable Solar Generator iForway

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Continuous 300W, 600W surge pure-sine wave inverter, 2.1A USB ports, 180W 12V ports,Charge phones, tablets, laptops, cameras, and most small devices. Backup power for small appliances, lights, and more,Recharges from AC, or solar panels (sold separately),Gas-free generator alternative with no noise, no fumes, no maintenance


The Coolest Portable Solar Generator With Bluetooth Speaker

462Wh (124,800mAh@ 3.7V)
300W continuous, 600W surge pure-sine wave inverter 


Quiet Portable Solar Powered Generator

And it is just over 12 pounds, it’s very manageable to carry to your site. That portability makes it an excellent choice for people heading to the woods, or people who live off the grid but still need to charge devices like a laptop or phone for basecamps, cabins, vans, RVs, and off-the-grid homes.


Recharged By Solar Panel

All iForway solar powered generators can be recharged by wall outlet or  car charger or using the solar panel, with powerful solar charger controller(MPPT) 

03_ps300_portable emergency_solar_power_system

The Best Backup Power Source

For Photography Equipment

It is the perfect Backup Power System for providing backup power for Tungsten Lights, Plasma Lights,Strobe Lights, for photography, film equipment.


Solar Generator for Camping Use

The portable solar generator is suitable for camping use which is equipped with three USB ports (including one fast-charging USB 3.0 port), four DC charging ports (one is carports), and two standard AC wall outlets as well. That allows the PowerRingo to charge as many as 10 different devices at once.


Power For Tools

This will do very well to power a host of smaller appliances, but not for heavier power tools. Any device below 300 watts will purr away with this portable solar generator.


No Noise No fumes Power Source

PS300 portable solar generator is a No Smoke no Odors and perfect indoors or outdoors for your camping trip or beach party .
Without the din, smoke and odors of noisy 


Solar Chargers For Drones

Many of these drones require a lot of power to operate for a relatively short amount of time
it is very easy to charge a drone battery is by connecting iForway power station by a car charger or by AC socket


Emergency backup power source for Home

It is versatile, expandable, and capable of running some household appliances as well as your tech gadgets. If you are looking for something that can handle a camping trip or a home outage equally well, this is the one!

09_ps300_latest _trends _in_solar_technology


Be prepared for any emergency with our safe, easy-to-use, gasoline-free portable power stations.
Keep your essential circuits running during an power outage by plugging your power station into our iForway power station
Run fridges, lights, medical devices, and other essentials


USB-C MacBook Solar Charger Station

With 60W USB-C PD ports,three high-speed USB ports, it allows you to safely charge up to 4 devices via USB simultaneously and to power for your new MacBook by USB-C port to replace the apply original adaptor. It also has an AC/DC ports, giving you the possibility of charging it with your panels, wall outlet, or car lighter outlet wherever you go.


Life saver For Emergency 

Disaster can happen at any time and you need to be prepared with Solar Generators. Whether it's a massive storm, natural disaster or a malfunctioning transformer or Hurricane hit areas like Puerto Rico.When power outages happened, that leaves your family vulnerable only the addition of external solar panels to power the unit through the days and weeks of power outages..


5W Torch, Light Up

Bright, long-lasting lights for use indoors and out. Our PS300 portable solar powered generator was build-in 5W lights,which is designed to brighten up in any situation.
in the dark, things can quickly get complicated, the PS300 becomes a simple and effective tool, which will get you out of all sorts of dark situations with its torch accessible directly from the unit


Variety of ports and powering options

Versatile, reliable power for whatever comes next,Variety of ports and powering options allow you to charge up and run multiple devices all at the same time.




Ask a Question
  • Can I charge with any solar panel?

    It is compatible with 18-30V solar panels that can be recharged for this portable lithium battery generators, and max 150W solar panel to be used for this generator.

  • Can this item be used if your house loses power?

    It can be used, it can be used as a home emergency power supply, it can charge mobile phones, tablets, TV and other electronics products, and have LED flashlight.

  • If connected to solar charger does this device have a built in charge controller to prevent over charging?

    Yes, there is BMS(Battery Management System )inside, and has overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, overheating and short circuit protections. 

  • How to check if the generator is fully charging?

    this solar generator has 4 LEDs to show the remaining power level, when you charge for it, it will light up one by one,when all 4 LEDS keep light and not blinking, it means full charged.
    During use, you may click the main button to check remaining power level also.

  • How long this generator to power Dreamstation C-PAP ?

    This solar powered generator is very small and portable, extremely easy to use with 462Wh huge capacity.
    You may take it camping to power Phillip Respironics Dreamstation. after it is fully charged, the iForway is able to run the Dreamstation for around 3-4 days with power to spare. (C-PAP humidifier, modem, and bluetooth shut off - max conserve power).

  • Can i use 150W Solar panel to charge for this ps300 solar generator?

    Yes,  iForway PS300 portable solar generator is build-in MPPT technology, we allows 13.5V-35V input voltage range, and it can support up to 150W solar panel to charge for this battery generator

  • Is this powerful enough to power a Cpap machine all night (8 hours), if 30 Watts of power is used per hour?

    The demand you have is 30 W x 8 h = 240 Wh. The iForway Solar Generator PS300 stores 462 Wh. So it would only run a 30 W device for 15.2 hours (462 Wh / 30 W = 15.2 h).  Your actual use may vary considerably from that though because you CPAP may draw less power after an initial startup or you may be able to disable some features to decrease the power consumption.