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  ABOUT iforway

3A Technology Co., Ltd. (iForway), established in 2006, is a well-known professional manufacturer specializing in the research, development, manufacture and sales of portable power stations/portable solar generators in China.

Iforway specializes in providing portable power station OEM and ODM services. Our customers are located in more than 50 countries around the world. Reliable product quality, innovative spirit and highly competitive prices help our customers stay at the forefront of the industry.
⦿  We were established in 2006
⦿  We have more than 50 patents related to power station


OEM/ODM is welcomed, and we collaborate closely with worldwide partners on private branding initiatives. As a manufacturer of portable power stations, we offer flawless products as well as a complete product research, assembly, quality control, and after-sales service system.
In all stages, we follow an exceptionally strict quality policy. Parts and components, as well as products and accessories, are inspected to ensure that they comply with international industrial and safety standards such as CE, ROHS, FCC, PSE, UN38.3, MSDS, and others.
⦿  We follow exceptionally strict quality policy
⦿  We offer excellent products and comprehensive solution of OEM/ODM service.

Product Center

Support customized 100W-5KW power station


The World's First Detachable Battery Power Station

Innovative products make you stand out from your peers


2000Wh Capacity

 With Huge capacity that keeps your home devices fully charged during power outages and emergencies.

2* USB-C PD 100W

 Allows you to quickly charge devices such as laptops, ipads, mobile phones, various appliances and gamers….

Detachable Battery!

The world’s first portable power station with removable batteries to differentiate you from the market.

2000W AC Output

The HS2000 comes with 8 2000W AC power sockets, allowing you to power almost any device, up to 17 devices.

1000W Fast Charging

iForway Super-Q patented fast charging technology, no AC adapter required, can be fully charged from the wall in 2 hours.

600W Solar Input

HS2000 allows 12~60V voltage range input, supports maximum 600W solar input and high efficiency up to 99.99%

4*QC3.0 Ports

 HS2000 has four USB ports, each port supports up to 18W

12V Car Port

 Support to works for drones,fridges,CPAPs lights and other 12V devices

Detachable Battery!

The world’s first detachable battery portable power station.

1000W Fast Charging​

iForway Super-Q fast charging technology,allows to recharge fully in 2 hours from wall no need AC adapter.

600W Solar Input​

Allows 12~60V voltage range input, support max 600W input and up to 99.99% High efficiency

2000Wh Capacity​

With Huge capacity that keeps your home devices fully charged during power outages and emergencies.

2000W AC Output​

With 8x 2000W AC outlets,T-Rex lets you power essential devices when you’re at home and heavy-duty power tools when you’re working outdoors.

2* USB-C PD 100W

Allows you to fast charge for laptops, phones, Nintendo and game players and more…

4*QC3.0 Ports

Each ports support up to 18W

12V Car Port

Support to works for drones,fridges,CPAPs lights and other 12V devices

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    Why choose iForway

    Rich experience, with its own R&D team to meet customer OEM&ODM needs

    IForway has extensive experience in OEM and ODM services for portable power stations. At present, we provide services for more than 50 brands around the world, from design to production one-stop service, allowing you to save worry and effort.

    Iforway strictly controls the product quality, and controls most raw materials by itself. While ensuring the quality, the price and cost are also reduced, and the price given to customers is more favorable than the market

    Iforway will not stay where it is. We have been innovating and developing, updating and iterating products to ensure that iforway’s customers have always been at the forefront of the industry in the market.


    Strictly control the qualification rate of raw materials and products to ensure product quality



    Portable Power Station


    iForway was established in 2006, focusing on the R&D, production and sales of power packs and portable charging stations. If you have a store, you can choose to create your own power station brand or become an iForway dealer. Get the full benefit at a very competitive price.

    For OEM services, we can print your logo on our export products. Help you create your own brand.

    For ODM services, our professional engineers will provide you with the most favorable price according to your blueprint. They can also design products according to your requirements.

    Iforway provides lifelong technical support to all customers.

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