iForway 600W Portable Music Solar Generator for Camping RV

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iForway PowerRingo super compacted solar generator is the ultimate charging device you will need, which has a continuous 300W AC output, with 600W surge power, and 462Wh Lithium battery capacity. That means not only its powerful, lasting and ultra safe to use. It can be recharged from AC outlet, or solar panels (sold separately) with no noise, no fumes, no maintenance happened.  It contains pure sine wave inverters, so you can use it as an off-grid power source for your devices without worrying about unstable voltages caused damages. It also contains excessive functional features, which includes 4 USB ports(2 ports with 5V/2,4A output, 1 QC 3.0 port with 5V/3A or 9V/2A output, 1 Type C port with maximum 60W output),  3 DC ports( maximum 12V/5A), and 1 car charging port(maximum 12V/10A), 2 outlets, 1 solar charging port with MPPT controller, 1 torch/strobe light with SOS emergency mode and 1 good sensitivity bluetooth speaker. It weights about 12lbs, which is a lot lighter than our competitors and with more ports. With it, your off-grid life just got a lot easier! 

 Main Feature

  • AC Outlet: 300W Pure Sine Wave
  • MPPT solar charging controller:14-30V
  • QC 3.0 Port: 5V/3A,9V/2A Max 18W
  • USB-C PD Port: Max 60W
  • 2 x USB-A Ports: 5V/2.4A per port
  • DC Input: 19V/4.5A (90W Max)
  • Car Port:9-12.6V Max 10A
  • 3*DC5521 Ports:9-12.6V Max 5A, Share 10A
  • 5W Flashlight: Torch/SOS/Strobe
  • 4 LED remaining power indicator
  • Size:290*150*190mm
  • Net Weight:5.5Kg
  • Power Inverter: Pure Sine Wave
  • Protection: 12 layers
  • AC Version:110V, 220V option
  • AC Plug Version: Universal,UK,US 
  • Recharging: wall adapter, solar panels 

Multi Ports, Multi Functional

iForway PS300 lithium portable solar generator has a variety of outputs including AC socket, USB ports, QC3.0 output,USB-C PD port and car charging port, flashlight torch, and bluetooth speaker. You can recharge it from none to full battery capacity in 7 to 8 hours.

Unit Weight & Dimension

  • Weight: 12.13 lbs
  • Dimensions: 11.4in (w) x 6.1 in (h) x 7.4in (d)

    What Will You Get

    • 1*PS300 Portable Solar Generator
    • 1*19V/5A Wall Adapter
    • 1*Warranty Card
    • 1*Manual 


    Ask a Question
    • Can I charge with any solar panel?

      It is compatible with 18-30V solar panels that can be recharged for this portable lithium battery generators, and max 150W solar panel to be used for this generator.

    • Can this item be used if your house loses power?

      It can be used, it can be used as a home emergency power supply, it can charge mobile phones, tablets, TV and other electronics products, and have LED flashlight.

    • If connected to solar charger does this device have a built in charge controller to prevent over charging?

      Yes, there is BMS(Battery Management System )inside, and has overcharge, overcurrent, overvoltage, overload, overheating and short circuit protections. 

    • How to check if the generator is fully charging?

      this solar generator has 4 LEDs to show the remaining power level, when you charge for it, it will light up one by one,when all 4 LEDS keep light and not blinking, it means full charged.
      During use, you may click the main button to check remaining power level also.

    • How long this generator to power Dreamstation C-PAP ?

      This solar powered generator is very small and portable, extremely easy to use with 462Wh huge capacity.
      You may take it camping to power Phillip Respironics Dreamstation. after it is fully charged, the iForway is able to run the Dreamstation for around 3-4 days with power to spare. (C-PAP humidifier, modem, and bluetooth shut off - max conserve power).

    • Can i use 150W Solar panel to charge for this ps300 solar generator?

      Yes,  iForway PS300 portable solar generator is build-in MPPT technology, we allows 13.5V-35V input voltage range, and it can support up to 150W solar panel to charge for this battery generator

    • Is this powerful enough to power a Cpap machine all night (8 hours), if 30 Watts of power is used per hour?

      The demand you have is 30 W x 8 h = 240 Wh. The iForway Solar Generator PS300 stores 462 Wh. So it would only run a 30 W device for 15.2 hours (462 Wh / 30 W = 15.2 h).  Your actual use may vary considerably from that though because you CPAP may draw less power after an initial startup or you may be able to disable some features to decrease the power consumption.