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Can a portable power station be used to power a refrigerator during a power outage?


Power outages happen from time to time in everyday life. A series of problems caused by power outages are distressing, such as refrigerators not working, air conditioners running out of electricity, and so on. Especially in the event of a power outage, the failure of the refrigerator to cool will speed up the rate of food spoilage. Having a large amount of food in the refrigerator can cost you a huge amount of money in the event of a power outage.

So, how do you power your refrigerator in the event of a power outage? A good option for powering your refrigerator during a power outage is to use a portable power station. It’s the perfect device in the event of a power outage.

How long can a portable power station power a refrigerator?

The amount of time the portable power station can power the refrigerator depends on two factors: 1. The battery capacity of the portable power station. 2. The power consumption of the refrigerator.

For a 50L-70L refrigerator, its power is usually about 70W-90W.

90L-320L refrigerator, the power is about 90W-110W.

320L-700L refrigerator, the power is generally about 130W-190W.

Let’s take the iForway HS3600 as an example, which has a capacity of 3248Wh, and then let’s calculate how long the HS3600 can power each type of refrigerator.

Taking into account the loss of battery power and battery protection will not consume power and other factors, so we will not calculate the deduction of 10% of the power here. At the same time, we calculate according to the maximum power of the refrigerator.



50L-70L refrigerator. 3248Wh*0.9/90W≈32 hours

90L-320L refrigerator. 3248Wh*0.9/110W≈26 hours

320L-700L refrigerator. 3248Wh*0.9/190W≈15 hours

From the above data, we can see that the HS3600 can almost supply power to the refrigerator in the event of a power outage, so there is no need to worry about the short power supply time of the mobile power station. Or you can choose HS2000, HS2000 as a portable power station with replaceable batteries, it only takes 8 seconds to complete the battery replacement, a single battery has a capacity of 2000Wh, and the battery can be charged separately with a 600W solar panel, equipped with multiple batteries , as long as there is the sun, almost all can be used, theoretically infinite hours.

The above calculated values ​​can only be used as a reference. After all, during the operation of the refrigerator, opening and closing the refrigerator door will affect the operating time.

What are the benefits of using a mobile power station to power a refrigerator?

1. Power up your refrigerator for the first time

The portable power station is the same as the AC power supply in our home. It is very convenient. You only need to plug the power supply of the refrigerator into the power station. It is very convenient and can supply power to your refrigerator at the first time.

2. Small size, easy to move

Portable power stations are generally small, do not take up space, and are more convenient to move. For example, HS2000 and HS3600 have wheels, which can be easily moved.

3. Environmental protection and no noise

Compared with other generators, the portable power station is very environmentally friendly. It does not produce harmful gases like gasoline generators, nor does it make noise. It is completely unaffected when used indoors and is harmless to the human body.

4. Less resource consumption

Gasoline generators need to burn gasoline to generate electricity, and they must always consume fuel to generate electricity, which requires cost. Portable power stations can use solar energy to charge, usually fill up the battery for backup, and use it directly when needed, such as the HS2000 we mentioned above, By changing the battery, it can use electricity almost infinitely as long as there is sun, and the sun is free of charge.