• 3rd Crowdfunding in Japan

    3rd Crowdfunding in Japan | iForway Beta 105
    iForway portable power station PS105 start the crowdfunding in Makuake.com from 20th April to May 29th,2020,it features an ultra-fast USB-C port that allows you to easily and quickly charge the phone, laptop, or tablet from anywhere without worrying about finding an outlet.
  • Best Power Bank Choice for Travel in the World

    Best Power Bank Choice for Travel in the World
    If you travel from one place to the next very often, then it’s a super good idea to purchase a mini charging station or a power adapter that works in multiple regions. Why does that happen? Different countries come with different plugs and voltages. So either you are unable to use the current power adapter, or it will work but it will fry your...
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